Who is afraid of the "Big Bad Wolf?"

People wonder how a little old wolf can kill a big bull elk. Well wonder no more. This wolf was shot in the Salmon area of Idaho . This is what we are up against in Idaho , Montana , Wyoming and Oregon.  These big wolves are eating everything in their wake and expanding their territory faster than we can keep track of them.  Those wolves don't bother anything or anybody? Guess again. Wendy who sent me this one lives near Challis.

Heidi Leavitt shot this wolf just outside their home down river at Spring Creek. Heidi was in the store and said that they have had a pack running around their place and decided when they heard about them coming their way again, they would try and shoot one (she did have a tag). So the next time came quickly and while waiting for the pack to get closer, they looked in the woods below them and there was this wolf.

He weighed 127 lbs and was a collared wolf and by the time they got it to Fish & Game (which is probably an 1.5 hr drive), Fish & Game already knew about the wolf and said they had been looking for him. He is now skinned and hanging at their place.

The wolf pack had been terrorizing campers lately. Had a couple of guys treed in the cab of their pickup all night at Colson Creek campground. Not afraid of human campsites at all.






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