Why No One is Hiring Seniors


but i really do learn fast....

Since the goal is to maximize the number of quality applicants to choose from, the process from start to finish should be designed to do just that and to place restrictions only where necessary to meet external mandates, budgetary constraints and emergency conditions.  Commanders, Commanding Officers and other deciding officials need to establish at the very beginning of the hiring process that they expect the rules to be followed and that no one should receive special consideration.  As in all situations, senior officers need to recognize that staffs do their best to accommodate the perceived desires of the “boss.”  In the hiring process, the HRO rightfully aims to provide maximum customer satisfaction.  This can lead to problems, if the “boss” in anyway suggests who he or she might like to see selected.  For the reality is, the system has enough flexibility in it that a clever personnel specialist can manipulate it in such a way that the desired applicant will be selected.  Even when this is accomplished within the rules, the spirit of the Merit System is violated and morale at the command may suffer....




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