A Woman, a Mattress, and a Car

 A Woman ran over a mattress on the highway, 
 and decided not to worry -- and kept on driving.

 The ensuing jumble finally whipped around enough 
  to tear a hole in the fuel tank

 The Subsequent Lack Of Fuel Is What Finally 
  Brought Her Vehicle To Its Knees. 

  She Had Still Managed To Drive 30 More Miles 
  With A 60-Pound Tangle of Stuff Wrapped Around Her Drive shaft. 

  She Had it Towed To Her Dealership And Complained 
  That The Vehicle Had A "Sort Of Shimmy" 
  When She Was Driving At High Speeds. 

  Below Are The Photos Of What They 
  Found At Her Dealership.

  The Last Photo Is By Far The Best.   

 "Sort Of A Shimmy" -- I'll Bet It Did! 






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