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My New Green
"Magic Hat"
Did You Know This About Leather Dresses? It is possible to understand Engineers. E-Mail Trackers --
very interesting and a must read!
Wait Until You See These New Golf Carts!
Old Ads That Couldn't be Shown Today HOW TO CLEAN THE HOUSE IN 2011 Responsible Pet Ownership My wife always wanted a riding lawn mower... stories, etc. page 2
Nozzle Rage:
Attack of the Pump
Got Gas? European Plastic Bags - These are Hysterical
Amazing Typewriter Art by Paul Smith The Latest in Medicine, Effective for Cancer!� The Story of
Round Candy
For Those Who Take Longer On the John: Toilet Rolls -page 2
Croc Seen in Sacramento River If Women Controlled The World The Old Cowboy Goes to Church Now That's A
Good Neighbor
GM Cows Produce
'Human' Milk
Gas Fill-up Tips for
High Priced Gas
Let's All Go To
Moose Hunt Camp
Texas Translations of California Euphemisms Motorcycle Accidents in Jamaica Mother Goose for Seniors
More Awesome Photos Amazing Little Koala Bear Twins Survive Evolution of
Human History
How Smart Are You?
Can You Read This?
What the heck is this big guy made of..?
Gibraltar's Airport runway and roads are at the same level Some Really Cool
New Stuff
May Shirley Goodnest and Marcy be with you More Awesome
Animal Pictures
Why Can't You Help
U.S. Too?
"Missing Missy" -
A Lost Cat Story
1928 Car Repair Mailer
Sent on a 1c postcard
New Michelin Tires
Radical Design
Beautiful drawings...
Signs of the Times
One Big Rattle Snake
Big, Big Snake
You Don't Have to be a Good Shot with This How To Stop
Church Gossip
(Senior Texting Code)
More Pictures With Just The Right Angle
The Netherlands in May
Such Beautiful Colors
Just Some
Real Nice Pictures
Caution: Retired Husband in the Store What makes you think I'd marry another jerk? Where is Obama
During the Crisis?
The Recession Has Hit Everybody! Dr. Seuss For
Older Kids
Just in case you are feeling too old today Aftermath of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan "The Gun Is Civilization"
By Maj. L. Caudill
Finally, A Place to Keep My Cell Phone Hope You Don't Get Sea Sick Easily Bring Your Own Weapons on This Ship Tell Me Again, Why Won't You Hire Me? Can You Help Me With
a 20,000 Piece Puzzle?
New Record Northern Pike in Canada Jeff Gordon Fires
Pit Crew
California Financial Crisis Decision Time New
Home Security Sign
stories, etc. page 1
The Last Hot Rod
You Will Buy
Pictures Taken At Just The Right Angle My New Kitchen Medicine Cabinet Ahhhhhh, Michigan -
How I Love Michigan
You Do Know Jack
New Advances in Redneck Technology! Shooting Advice More from the Volcano
How to Totally Relax and Rest on the Weekend Solar City - 2016 Olympics Rio de Janeiro
Real Call Center Conversations Minnesota Clydesdale WHY MEN ARE NEVER DEPRESSED Tools Explained for
DIY People
bye, bye internet...
Tough Road To Commute Hidden in Plain View It is Always The Kids
That Suffer
This is not a stainless steel car... End of Another U.S. Era Why I Hate
Valentine's Day!
Beautiful Cherokee Indian Legend
Border Patrol Update Short I. Q. Test The First Valentine -
Happy Valentine's Day!
Wired Creatures! Remember The "Woody"? Awesome! The "Guard Deer" The Blizzard of 2011
Employment Test
Did Phillip Fart? Today's Inspirational Lesson Tom's Scrotum
Dementia Quiz A Few Adult Truths but at least she knows I'm smarter than her The Quote of the Year
The $40,000 Funeral Watch Parts Motorcycles A Royal Flush Beats
A Full House
Google Posts 'Gigapixel' Versions of Famous Works
Weddings of the Year Gulf Oil Spill Disaster
A Poem Worth Reading Thinking outside the box, Real Estate? Bernie Madoff vs.
Social Security
Can the Rapture
Be Far Behind?
How the 83rd Psalm completes the prophecy World War III Is Already Being Waged This is Heaven, Sir Dinner in Arizona,
or is it really in Australia?
The Longest 48 Hours
of My Life
Ducks Quack,
Eagles Soar
The Lawyers' Party Great pictures,
Priceless sentiments
Compare the world's tallest buildings My Four Dogs
Copy Machines,
a Security Risk?
When do you stop?
American Flag vs. Mexican Flag at CA High School Charlie Daniels
Speaks His Mind
Medical Students' Diagnosis
Two Story Outhouse DON'T TEXT and DRIVE! The Storm Gold Vending Machines The Restaurant
Bird Adopts Baby Bunnies Babies We Seldom See Husband Down Another Reason
California is Broke
How Hot Is It
Where You Live?
Censored Protest at Ground Zero AARP's Fall From Grace Message from
Oliver North
Praying for Afghanistan No Nursing Home For Us
The Oil Spill in Perspective No Looters In
Nashville Flooding
Nothing Inside is
Worth Dying For
More Dogs with
Silly Sayings
1948 Cartoon
Dog For Sale
But Free to Good Home
Finally -
A Senior Cell Phone
Just A Tap On The Shoulder CAUTION:
Beware of "Bottle Bombs"
U.S. Marine Aircraft
over Iraq Airspace
Our Amazing Planet America's Predicament The Four Bottles of Life Government Motors
New Automobile
Facial Expressions
Can Say A Lot
How A Stimulus Package Works A new, updated,
Dr. Seuss book.
Universal Laws Rolling Thunder 2010 -
A Soldier's Vigil
Iran is Surrounded by US Troops in 10 Countries
Mouse Calibration A Great Test Ever Regret a Slogan? It's Hell to be Old Thank You Captain!
Border Wars -
Choose Your Weapon
Go Arizona! Invisible
Play Things 4 Cats..
Warning of Sudden Collapse of America "I'm 63 and I'm Tired"
by Robert A. Hall
It's Not Just Oil That Makes a Mess Hay For Sale -
It's Not For Horses!
Are You Addicted
To Your Computer?
The Warrior Song
Hard Corps
More Stuff by Bored Graphic Designers
The 2009
Woman Driver Awards
Overwhelm the System
(A Must Read)
Satellite Photo
of Oil Spill
Help for U.S. Oil Spill A Woman, a Mattress, and a Car
Cake Mixes and Toxins This Is Scott Wade Get Safety Information on Household Products Warning: Scam Against Older Men stories, etc. page 3
New Virus
Use Caution
The Hopeless Voltless Oregon
Sand Castle Contest
This is NYC on
Madison Ave
Steve Wynn
Takes On Washington

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