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A Prayer For You He Did It Just For You Have You Seen This? The Pastor's Son
The First 100 Days Swine Flu and You The First 100 Days
Day by Day
It Used to be a
$200 Million Airplane
Join Now
Free Membership
Open Letter From A Dodge Dealer Why We Deserve to be Arrogant Wake Up America
before it is too late
A Word To The Wise Set Your Compass In The Right Direction The Quilt of Holes An "Honor Flight" for WWII Vets
A String of Pearls Don't Tell Me
It Can't Be Done
43.2 Pound Trout
Who's In Charge? The Joy of Fishing The Declaration of Independence The American Creed
The Smart Car Obama's Top Ten Apologies For America Second Amendment to the U S Constitution Don't Tear Me Down
Candian Snipers in Afghanistan Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey Time For A New Tee-Shirt
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Do You Miss Him? How Do They Get These Pictures - Page 1 Mr. President
What are you looking at?
Another Hero Goes Home
Health Care Tax Scare How Do They Get These Pictures - Page 2 The Ten Commandments According to Obama The Late Charlton Heston's Gun Vault
Obama Care The Fall of Capitalism
and Rise of Islam
Stop the Government Takeover of Health Care More Amazing Pictures
The Old Man on A Moped and the Ferrari Photos From the ISS My Struggles
are About Him
The Long Black Train
Free Our Health Care Now Obamopoly Government Health Care Bill Details - In case you didn't read all 1000 pages Social Security Institute News - senior alerts
What A Sign! Behold,
He cometh with clouds
Free-Solo Climbing A Letter to
Mum and Dad
Dumb Enough to be True A Well Planned Retirement FOUR STEPS TO SAVE HEALTH CARE Beautiful Photos of Waves
The World's Largest Pool Hard Work Doesn't Hurt God Never Sends
You Out Alone
Burnt Biscuits
Senior Citizen, Who, Me? Top 10 Signs You Have Joined Obama's H C P Where To Retire? DO NOT DIAL
Beautiful Arizona Let Me Get This Straight Waking Up is Hard To Do Your Age by Chocolate
Free training from Microsoft Amazing Grace by Il Divo
is simply amazing!
What Really Happened in the Montana "Town Hall" Congress Votes to Outsource Presidency
Pilots and Air Control Fawn & Bobcat Kitty Itty Bitty Little Pony How NOT to release a bear
5 More Lies Proofreading is a dying art, wouldn't you say? Dear Senator Boxer: A Letter From The Boss
H1N1 Flu Virus
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Democrats Guarantee Abortion Coverage C'mon, that will never happen in America!
1950's era F.W Woolworth store lunch counter menu It's A Jukebox A Cowboy Named Bud Mama's Lap
She writes an open letter to our nation's leadership Daily Survival Kit Are Our Days as A Great Nation on the Way Out? Free Our Health Care!
Please Sign Now
Our Government's Lack
of Math Abilities
Martha Cothren's
Military History Class
A Perfect
100% Failure Rate
Baron Hill:
This Is My Town Hall Meeting. I Set the Rules.
The Greatest
Movie Line Ever
Don't take life so seriously! How "Gummint" Works Giant farm dog
saves baby pig
The Beatles Videos Semper Fi - Now Just Die The New ABC's Obama Appoints Two Muslims to HS Posts
Homing Pigeon Mother
for Bunnies
Sweet Dreams for Sleeping Beauties How To Avoid The Flu! The "Finger Salute"
Please Pray for
This Little Boy
Who Am I ? Rhetoric And Fraud Birds on Wires
The Politics Of
Racial Extortion
A Few Senior Moments Big, Bad Bear California Inferno
Time Lapse
Cruising on my Motorcycle More Democrat Math Coup d'etat at
the United Nations:

Friday Prayer
for Our Nation
Yoga or Drinking? Conservative or Liberal? There, I Fixed It! A R-eel Fish Story
Cell Phone Cancer Link Always Bee Green Bumper Stickers Daniel's Gloves
Rush Limbaugh's Adversary Lucifer! Wonderful Alaskan Cruise for Seniors Cure for Common Constipation Dishonesty, Intimidation, Hypocrisy, etc.
Lunch With God The Bagpiper Eviction Notice A Scary Story
Your Kindness Quotient BBQ Rules World War II Memorial Just "Fred"
Victicrat - Porch Monkey Liar, Liar
7 Lies In Two Minutes
You Can Believe In
White Tigers Get New Mom - Totally Incredible! Halloween -
A Invitation to the Occult
Fall Crop of Wal Martians Ready for Harvest Happy Halloween
Woof, Woof!
Peace Prize Summarized Sears Tower's "Ledge" Sensible Gun Registration Vote Them All Out!
An Amazing Photomosaic Modern Technology Israeli Psychologist
View On Obama
Come to Washington!
Crap and Tax Bill A Great Quote Letter to AARP More Political Cartoons
Do for Others What God Does For You Encyclopedia of Life We Noticed Let me see
if I understand this...
America as the
last man standing
Farmer builds model
of Biblical temple
Who's Really
Running the Show?
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The best part
of baking a cake...
The Power of the Badge Some Comments on the Terrorist Attack Neck Exercises to do
at the computer
The $2.99 Special Super Foods for Health Power of a Wife's Love A 1948 Cartoon
Had Enough? Senior Health Care Solution What Happened the Year You Were Born? How on Earth
Did This Happen?
Do You Even Know
What ANWR Is?
Rep. Boehner (Republican's) Health Care Amendment When You Are
Low on Hope

by Max Lucado
No Officer,
We only troll for fish!
'Saturday Night Live' scorches Obama policies Manhattan Declaration "Holiday Mail for Heroes" A Real "Fly By"
The New GM Hybrid A Winter Statistic More Political Cartoons This is a Christmas Tree
The Flight of the Zeppelin Afghan Prayer Patrol In Case You Wanted
To Know...
Last WWI Survivor
Seeks DC Memorial
The Orangutan
and the Hound
Read This Carefully A Quiz for "know-it-alls" Worchester Wreath Company
A Holiday Letter Let's Say Thanks! Don't Cry For Me, America Inspirational Aging
San Francisco
Police Department
A Woman's Poem Generations of Valor The Wrong Funeral
Merry Christmas The Christmas Pageant Cookie Recipes A Different
Christmas Poem
Tough Love vs. Spanking We The People The Power of Cosmetics The Dinner Roll
Tiny Fawn Eats With
The Big Guys
Hello Kitty! New Year's Wishes A Little Poem
A Perfect
Health Care Solution
Health Care Update: Important Information! Our troops have not lost their sense of humor. Perils of a Catholic Upbringing
The New AARP An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians Amazing Anagrams Story of a
Challenged Senior...
God Has A
Sense of Humor
So You Want To Whine About Winter I Love This Lady's Views Teacher Arrested
at JFK Airport
Vote Now!
Porker of the Year
Looking for the Messiah
by Max Lucado
New 789 Chevy Old Cars,
Trucks and Trains
Where Would You Be? Cat and Dear Friend See the Giraffe? Cat Humor
Stars come out for Haiti benefit concert Kseniya Simonova's Amazing Sand Drawing The Rangers and the Cubs
(not sports)
Guess what was found just south of Jacksonville?
9 Reasons I Play Golf Future Designer Laptop - "ROLLTOP" My Letter to
President Obama
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Teaching At It's Best Something you don't see every day! A Home for Your Heart Dear Mr. President:
Cute Little Pig... Always Call
California Needs Money:
Traffic Tickets Fines
We Are Considering Moving to Mexico
Things to Contemplate Austria 1938 -
A Valuable History Lesson
Only in Pennsylvania Bridal Carriage Harley
Chilling Aerial Photos of 9/11 Attack Released I want to thank you for all the e-mail Warnings The Amazing Cucumber Jasper and the
Unbaked Yeast Rolls
Happy Valentine's Day The History of
Valentine's Day
Joe Legal vs.
Jose Illegal
This guy knew about 'em 119 years ago
Cool and Sweet Eventually someone thinks of something new! Always Use Caution We The People
How About a Sleep Box? WHY
Bravest, or Luckiest Mouse Ever! Barry Talks to the Kids
Awesome Animal Pictures NOT in the laundry please! EMS Service Dogs Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Inner Peace:
This is so true
The Choice
by Max Lucado
The Real Meaning
of Words
Pictures Taken from a Hang Glider over Oregon
The Woodcutter's Wisdom
by Max Lucado
What Is Good Friday? What is Easter Sunday? Now this is
The Living Bible:

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