Earth 911 Recycles Electronics and More

You know that you should recycle whenever possible. After all, Earth's resources are limited. And recycling helps keep pollutants out of our air and water.

Unfortunately, recycling isn't always easy. Your city might not have a recycling program. Or you don't know where the closest recycling center is. You may not even know what you can recycle.

Earth911 aims to answer your questions. Just type in what you want to recycle and where you are. It will provide a list of recycling centers near you.

This site is especially useful for recycling electronics. Electronics recycling centers are particularly difficult to find. You can also get tips on recycling hazardous materials.


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Inconvenience is one of the top reasons people donít recycle, but a close second is lack of knowledge. While we canít make you shut down you computer, pack your car full of old gadgets and drive to the nearest recycling location, we can, however, give you the download on major retailers that offer free, in-store programs.


What: All brands of cell phones, smartphones, PC cards, batteries and accessories

Quick fact: In 2009, AT&T reused and recycled an estimated 4.2 million phones and recycled 1.7 million pounds of accessories and batteries.

Best Buy

What: Multi-media projectors, printers, car audio, home audio, PDAs and hand-held devices, mobile electronics (GPS, cell phones, MP3 players), various game systems, televisions, monitors, laptops, ink cartridges, CDs and DVDs and rechargeable batteries

Need to know: Consumers pay $10 for recycling each TV, monitor and laptop, and in return, receive a $10 Best Buy gift card. All other items accepted through the program are free to the consumer. The program does not accept appliances, TVs larger than 32Ē, or console TVs of any size. All hard drives must be removed from laptops and desktops before they are accepted for recycling.

Quick fact: Best Buy collected more than 60 million pounds of electronics in 2009.


What: Computers, computer accessories and televisions

Need to know: Goodwill partnered with Dell Inc. for its residential computer recycling program, called RECONNECT. Its computer recycling and electronics recycling businesses creates jobs and supports job training programs.


What: All wireless phones, batteries, accessories and data cards, regardless of carrier or condition

Need to know: Sprint Buyback offers customers an account credit to return select Sprint and Nextel-branded devices.

Quick fact: In 2009, Sprint collected 1,095,177 pounds of mobile phones and wireless accessories.


What: Cell phones, PDAs, inkjet cartridges and rechargeable batteries

Need to know: While recycling the above items is free of charge, for a $10 fee, customers can recycle computers, laptops, printers, scanners, faxes, all-in-ones, CRTs monitors and LCD monitors. Computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice, speakers and modems can be recycled for free with larger items at any Staples store.

Quick Fact: In 2009, Staples collected 7 million pounds of consumer electronics.

Even more options

You can make money for your electronic without stepping foot in a retail store. accepts about 30,000 functional and defunct electronics. Using secondary retailers such as eBay, the website will estimate your itemís worth.

And no worries if your clunky television from 1989 doesnít fetch any dough Ė Gazelle will recycle it for free. Gazelle pays for shipping and will even send a box for most orders.

As always, you can use Earth911 to find local recycling for electronics and more.


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