Kim's Top 10 Tips of 2011

The digital world can be confusing and even scary at times.

 Here are my top 10 Tips you found most helpful in 2011.

1. Removing an indestructible virus
Dealing with viruses is part of owning a computer. With strong security, you can handle almost anything. Of course, there are a few viruses out there that won't be stopped easily. Learn how to handle them.

2. Keep your PC running smoothly
A PC can last you a long time if you take care of it. It doesn't have to be a major ordeal either. Perform these routine, basic maintenance tasks regularly to keep your PC running smooth.

3. Buying a smart phone
Smart phones have exploded in popularity. Unfortunately, trying to choose one often ends in frustration; there are so many models available. Find out everything you need to know about smart phones before heading to the store.

4. Make your computer start up in a flash
Over time, computers get sluggish, and the startup time is one place you'd definitely see it. Even new computers can suffer from slow start times. Don't just put up with it. Use this tip to have your computer starting in a jiffy.

5. Keep criminals off your Wi-Fi
Criminals like nothing better than an unsecured wireless network. They can download illegal content, and you'll get blamed for it. Don't let this happen to you! Find out how easy it is to secure your Wi-Fi.

6. Removing supercookies
Hopefully, you're familiar with Internet cookies. Companies use these to tell when you visit their page and to store information about your preferences. If you don't like most cookies, you can just delete them. Learn why supercookies are harder to remove, and how you can do it.

7. Ditch cable for monthly savings
Cable TV costs a decent chunk of money every month. Why not ditch it in favor of free or inexpensive online streaming? I'll tell you what you'll need in this tip.

8. Finding and removing a keylogger
Keyloggers are a favorite program for hackers, snoops and jealous significant others. They can record everything that happens on your computer while staying hidden. Don't fall victim to one. Find out how to detect and remove keyloggers.

9. Tech gear you shouldn't buy this Christmas
Christmas may be over, but buying new technology sure isn't. Learn what tech items are no longer the hot tickets they once were. You're better off steering clear of these.

10. Give me LibreOffice or give me OpenOffice?
Microsoft Office is essential for most business and academics. Unfortunately, it's also expensive. The good news is that there are free alternatives that do just as well. So, which one do you choose? I compare your choices and tell you



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