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NOTE:  This newsletter concerns a matter of vital national interest and is for educational purposes only.  This is not a fundraising effort on our part!  You must read this information to intelligently assess the grave risk to our freedoms now being implemented by Obama.

Today I write to you about a very, very important issue – Obama’s continuing efforts to control our daily life and impose his will upon us, this time by controlling our internet access.

To do this, I am going to educate you a little bit.  As a former professor and teacher, perhaps my insight can help guide you to realize the imminent danger facing us all.

The following lesson is ever-more important in light of the rioting and governmental retribution now going on in Egypt.  Though the situation in Egypt is complex, one thing that has been made crystal clear is that the government controls the internet, what information we can receive and how we are going to get it.

Obama in early January, 2011 stated that he had tasked our federal Commerce Department with the job of deploying a digital identity for every American and that for any American to use the internet the federal digital identity would have to be used.

Well, what is a digital identity and what does it do?

In all electronic communications – whether such is in the form of sending or receiving email, visiting pages on the internet and even in cell phone conversations – there is the possibility of using what is called “encrypted communications”.  The objective of encryption is to “jumble” the electronic information being passed from the sender to the intended recipient in such a manner that the information cannot be understood by an eavesdropper.

This “jumbling” is accomplished through electronic “keys”.  An electronic key is issued by a so-called Certifying Authority.   Here is an example of a key of this type:

Image of Public Key Hash

Another name for a digital key is a “hash”.  While the hash above looks like an indecipherable string of characters, to a computer that holds the corresponding private key, all of the information sent through the use of this public key is easily readable.  But, unless you hold the private key, you cannot read such information.  Think of it as a modern, much more complex version of the old “secret codes” used in World War II and since.  Different letters and numbers meant different things, so the message could only be understood by someone with a “code sheet”, explaining what the letters and numbers meant.

Any company can be a Certifying Authority (“CA”) because the status is solely dependent upon whether, or not, the internet community will accept the company as such.  For example, VeriSign, GoDaddy, Microsoft, IBM and similar companies are all recognized as authoritative because each has earned the public’s trust and the trust of other prominent companies that dominate the internet.

This is the loophole through which Obama wishes to seek entry to your most private information.  Namely, he will impose his will on all major internet communications companies and force them to comply.  In a moment I will show you how he will do that; but now, some more information is required for full understanding of the process.

Each key has two sub-parts and one will not work without the other:  A public key and a private key.  The public key is handed out to anyone who needs to send information over the internet to the owner of the private key.  The private key is kept secret by its owner.  When incoming information is received, the owner of the private key is able to “un-jumble” the information using its private key in a process called decryption.  Thus, as long as the owner of the private key keeps it private, any personal information you send (such as your name, address, driver’s license, credit card data, social security numbers, etc.) is forever private.

Here is the trick, though, that Obama is going to try:  He wants the federal government to become a Certifying Authority!  

He wants the Commerce Department to hold a national “Private Key” that can be used to decrypt every bit of information that you – and every other American - sends, or receives, over the internet.  If this is accomplished, you will have no private thoughts left.

How will this be done?

While it is a process that only takes milliseconds to complete, the technology behind it is complex.  Obama will base his national digital ID on the fact that YOU will not be allowed on the internet unless you expose Obama’s public key through your browser (such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Apple’s Safari Browser, or the FireFox browser) or your email client (such as Microsoft’s Outlook or Outlook Express or Apple Mail).  If, say, Google or Bing or Yahoo! cannot read Obama’s public key on your computer you will be denied internet access:  you will not be able to browse the internet or send (or receive) email!

Thus, Obama could have complete control over everything you do on your computer!

You will not be able to read, see or communicate with anyone Obama does not like without a government approved “key”, and guess who would have the ultimate authority to approve or disapprove you having one? Obama!

How will Obama gain such control?  First, he will direct the Commerce Department to issue an administrative ruling – without approval by either the Congress or Senate – that will require any “Internet Service Provider” regulated in any manner by the federal government to require that everyone show the Obama-approved public key.

What sort of companies would come under such control?

Any company that provides telephone service such as AT&T, BellSouth, SBCGlobal would be included.  These sorts of companies control over 1.4 billion email addresses throughout the world according to their own advertisements.

Any company that provides public cable services involving telephone, communications or data transmissions.  This will include such giants as Comcast, Cox Cable, Cablevision, Cable One, Charter Communications, Mediacom, RCN, Road Runner and Time Warner Cable.  

Between just these two types of companies regulated by the Federal Communications Commission, there is more than 100% control of American communications within Obama’s grasp should he succeed!  

How can something be “… more than 100%”?

Easy, just think of how many people have phone service by one company and cable by another.  The figures add up very quickly so you will have no place to turn where Obama is not reading your thoughts!

We as a nation must band together and force our Congress to stop this frightening power grab!

In a few days I will forward a game plan I hope we can all follow to stop Obama in his tracks!  

The bulwark of the game plan will be a proposed bill I wrote.  We need to get a Member of Congress and at least one Senator to carry this bill.  Then, we need to get behind them and push as hard as we can to get it enacted.  While I have written the bill, I cannot yet forward it because I am awaiting comments from several people.

If you have any questions in the mean time, please do not hesitate to send them to me.
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