In Case You Missed It

During a press conference, Democrat Congressman Charlie Rangel said we should ask "what would Jesus do?" about the debt ceiling. Well, first of all, Charlie, Jesus would pay his taxes.

A Seattle family filed a complaint after the TSA twice singled out their 6 year old son for a pat down. I had no idea the shortage of wheelchair-bound grandmothers had gotten so severe.

Journalist Bob Woodward said that the rest of the world doesn't see America as "the grown-up nation" any more. Well, that'll happen when the President keeps spending money like a kid in a candy store.


Wisconsin's Governor Walker signed a bill allowing concealed carry, making it the 49th state to do so. Obama's worried that it won't be long before the other 8 states cave in, too.

MSNBC's Ed Schultz said that Republicans are on a "mission to murder the American Dream." I'm shocked. I can't believe Ed's already run out of Hitler analogies this far from the election.

Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty compared President Obama to "a manure-spreader in a wind storm". I disagree. When you actually spread manure, eventually something good comes of it.

In a press conference on the debt ceiling talks, President Obama said it was time to "eat our peas". Probably planning to borrow them from China.


A new report shows that China is rapidly catching up to the US in spy-satellite capabilities. I'm not surprised. If Obama owed me a trillion dollars, I'd want to keep an eye on it, too.

Obama's Energy Secretary Steven Chu defended the light bulb ban, saying, "we are taking away a choice that continues to let people waste their own money." By that logic, you'd think he'd be against using tax money to pay his salary.

President Obama said he wants to raise taxes, but not until 2013. Basically he wants to bet you $2 trillion of your own money that he'll get reelected.


After the US Embassy in Syria was attacked, the State Department's response was to threaten to file a lawsuit. I kinda miss the days when acts of war were met with more Marines than lawyers.

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski said Republicans were "stupid and mean" for not making a debt ceiling deal with Obama. Wow. You don't often hear insightful analysis like that outside of kids being told they can't have ice cream.


President Obama said he wanted higher taxes in the debt ceiling deal because he hates having income that he "doesn't need". So... he just needs everyone else's income?


During an interview on PBS, George Stephanopoulos said that, since entering the White House, Obama "has done remarkably well". Too bad we can't say that about the rest of America.


During an interview on CBS, President Obama said that Republicans in the debt ceiling negotiations should act more like Ronald Reagan. Ok - "There you go again."




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